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So, you're probably wondering "why are there video games on here?" Well, the answer is: I made them. Honestly, I've kind of just always wanted to make video games and one day I actually taught myself how to. In my first game, "HoopThru," I created the game itself, all of the visuals, and the music as well. Yeah, I know, it's not the best. But people say it's addicting AND if you get 65+ points, I'll actually make a character for you. Seriously, just DM with a pic of your high score and I'll do it.


My latest game "Dodge" just released! Fly through the city and Dodge the falling objects to get a high score. Compete with friends, advance through levels, and fly near objects to get extra points and coins. Collect all the coins you can to buy power-ups and new characters so you can keep Dodging! 


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