So, you're probably wondering "why are there video games on here?" Well, the answer is: I made them. Honestly, I've kind of just always wanted to make video games and one day I actually taught myself how to. In my first game, "HoopThru," I created the game itself, all of the visuals, and the music as well. Yeah, I know, it's not the best. But people say it's addicting AND if you get 65+ points, I'll actually make a character for you. Seriously, just DM with a pic of your high score and I'll do it.

Or you can play Dodge! Fly through the city and Dodge the falling objects to get a high score. Compete with friends, advance through levels, and fly near objects to get extra points and coins. Collect all the coins you can to buy power-ups and new characters so you can keep Dodging! 

Cube Sweep was so much fun making. Fun Fact: I actually made this in two days so that I could enter it into a gameplay competition (it didn't win). BUT I'm proud and still see potential in it (plus a lot of people have enjoyed playing it). And it's satisfying to knock those little cubes off the platform.

My latest game Get Em Thru is without a doubt my best one yet. You start off with 30 people and all you have to do is get as many of them through three rounds of levels for maximum points. Simple yet fun!


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