"Jacob Seeger will grab your attention with his soothing vocals, clean productions and authentic lyrics."

Shane McCarron - Mic Drop Music

"Jacob Seeger’s vocal melts hearts on this new release. Backed up by a simple and fairly retro, unusually quirky backdrop, there are as many fresh and energizing qualities to Down as there are those that feel familiar and comforting."

Stereo Stickman

"If presence was the only thing that mattered about being a musician, then everything Jacob Seeger touches would be a classic. The man was born to entertain, and you can feel his performative joy emanating through punchy drums, smooth melodic synths, guitar riffs and his silky crooning that brings it all home."


"'Down' entertains the space with a beat that snaps into place, producing a groove that’s hard to ignore. This adds some texture against watery synthesisers that flood the airwaves with a foundation that’s perfect for Jacob to deliver a simple vocal hook that makes the chorus so much more engaging."

Sounds Good Blog

"Shining with a relaxed atmosphere and unmistakable textured groove, ‘Down’ rallies with a quick-fire snap of percussion and waves of engaging synths. It’s a delicate and expansive sound that provides a brilliant platform for Jacob’s simple, but effective vocals hooks, pushing the song forward and creating an indelible rhythmic sound that is hard to ignore."

Broken 8 Records

"Jacob has a slow bubbling, laid back R&B tone to his music that sets the mood from the first note, and introduces the listener with his mystique and musical prowess right away."



"Jacob has switched the acoustic guitar for the humble synthesiser, and the result is something that is naughty, sexy and making me absolutely NEED to take a cold shower right now."

Sounds Good Blog

"'Something Real' has both that special and surprising lyrical and musical uplift. In truth, this tune has more than enough architecture to warrant multiple listenings. When he’s on, he’s on. And its danceable groovy shuffle is pure R&B/Pop at its very best."

Rick Jamm - Jamsphere

"Seeger’s voice benefits the track as a whole in its lacy chill pop factor, and there’s a generally well-implemented sense of dynamics between his vocal delivery and that of the instrumentation."

Jake Kussmaul - Music Existence

"This week I heard for the first time ”Something Real” by Jacob Seeger and I was blown away, it sounds too good. The beat is mellow and the vocals are delusional. Beside, ”Something Real” is incredibly catchy!"


"'Something Real' sounds familiar and yet brand new at the same time, not an easy trick to pull off. Much of this has to do with the healthy dose of chilled groove that Seeger infuses into his arrangement. Jacob Seeger is simply one of a kind, you’ll love the way he writes, sings, and plays – he is way beyond cool. Period."

Jeena Johnson - Soundlooks

"From a strictly musical point of view, it’s all good news, due to Jacob Seeger’s great skills as a composer, arranger and producer. The superb instrumentation, Seeger’s excellent singing and his overall musical sensibility: ever jazzy, funky, poppy and soulful."


"He has a unique sound, voice, and sensibility that results in great music. This is cool stuff from a potentially explosive artist that will put a really nice frosting on your chilled crossover R&B collection!"

Independent Music News 24

"Seeger’s sound features crisp, clean drums and throbbing bass lines. Most pleasant of all is the sweet ebb and flow of delicious and exquisite vocals and counter harmonies. The songwriting is superb and one of Seeger’s best."

Peter Burns - Review Indie

"This New York based singer-songwriter displays his fresh blend of Pop and R&B in this Summer jam 'Something Real'."

Neill Frazer - OutLoud! Culture

"‘Something Real’ is a solid nocturnal jam that’s perfect for dancing the night away, complete with a driving drumbeat with ambient pianos, and a touch of a Drake influence for good measure."

Robert Steiner - WRBB

"You’ll enjoy listening to this one at night with the love of your life and a nice glass of wine – just kicking back and letting it take you to wherever this song takes you."

Video Music Stars

"...if you just want to have a good time, with good people, good music, and good drinks, then “Something Real” will be the best accompaniment to your day."

Erick Ycaza - ElectroWow